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SharePoint / Office 365 End User Support

Let's get real now -how effective is end user training? Well when considering Office 365 and SharePoint online it is actually quite effective. The problem manifests itself later on. Once the users are back in the office and their day job takes over. Sometimes weeks can pass before they are in a position to try out what they have learned.

That is where our new flagship support package comes into its own. We call it the "Are you stuck can I do that for you - Digitron 3000" because that is exactly what we do. We help. Some users will want to do it themselves and only need a pointer to a resource that they can read or a video that they can watch. For others the solution is 'Can you do it for me please?'.

We use several screen sharing options such as: Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, etc. We can then offer to screen share and take control, before their very eyes we do it and then it’s done.

To find out more about our SharePoint / Office 365 End User Support get in touch today on +44 (0) 7739 870 670 or email to


We do not insist that users raise a ticket. We ask for engagement by phone (old fashioned) we'll raise the ticket for you and that way your user spends less time fixing a problem and more time being productive

Support Staff

We don’t have a tiered approach to support. The people that respond are our top team, with deep technical skills. No more pillar to post, just top quality SharePoint online office 365 support.

User Experience

Our SharePoint/Office 365 support products are all about reducing the impact of users not being able to do something and maximising the productivity that can be supplied by using SharePoint/Office 365 properly.

Technical support

Even the most technical team will benefit from some help from time to time, usually just another pair of eyes to help them sense check their latest Office 365 / SharePoint development.

Why bother with support, users will get there in the end? We have recently quantified this, and statistics have shown us that our support product can provide a 28% increase in efficiency - that like have nearly a third more staff without the overhead. we are so confident that we can deliver these savings that we will maintain your stats and only charge you on a time saved basis - SERIOUSLY- we either win together or not, but we don’t lose!

Our pricing policy is based on actual time spent. You don’t have to commit to 3 days support or an amount of money etc. All that happens is that your team call us (the clock starts) we raise a ticket and record the details, fix the problem (the clock stops) if that is a minute or an hour that is all you pay.

You will be amazed at how effective and inexpensive this can be.

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